IT Assistant


REPORTING TO: Project Manager, Regional Director


Key responsibilities:
i. Analyzing system malfunctions or technical problems and directing appropriate resolution to ensure uninterrupted operation;
ii. ii. Liaising with other divisions/departments on ICT operations information and activities;
iii. iii. Maintaining a secure transfer of data to multiple locations via internal and external networks;
iv. database development and hosting
v. GIS system development
vi. Providing high-level support and technical expertise in networking technology, including LAN/WAN hardware, hubs, bridges and routers;
vii. Establishing appropriate operational procedures, tools and resources for effective and timely delivery of technical support to all users;
viii. Appraising and implementing any new systems/projects;
ix. Setting and maintaining the systems and infrastructure at a proposed Continuity of Business/DR site and be responsible for maintaining the Secretariat’s Disaster Recovery Plan;
x. Designing and developing enterprise wide data analysis and reporting solutions;
xi. Reviewing and analyzing data from multiple internal and external sources;
xii. Communicating analysis results and making recommendations to senior management;
xiii. Providing advice on the features, functions and capabilities of application systems;
xiv. Conducting continuous development of telecommunications systems in consideration of changing environment;
xv. Participating in implementing of programs for safeguarding integrity of power and voice communication systems;
xvi. Monitoring the operation of the telecommunication systems in the organization to effectively support business operations;
xvii. Implementing new technological developments to enhance telecommunication systems efficiency;
xviii. Managing implementation of information technology and telecommunications projects and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements;
xix. Monitoring technological trends and recommending initiatives to safeguard the interest of the Secretariat;
xx. Formulating risk mitigation plans, and performing security reviews and testing;
xxi. Conducting security risk assessment and making recommendations on how to effectively minimize ICT security risks to acceptable levels;
xxii. Ensuring that new ICT resources are risk assessed and that risk mitigation plans are documented and implemented before the ICT resource is put in production;
xxiii. Performing periodical vulnerability and penetration tests to highlight ICT systems vulnerabilities, the need for the update of software with fixes and patches, and other security related changes;
xxiv. Providing guidance in the evaluation of new security solutions and methodologies.

Job Specifications For appointment to this grade a candidate should possess:
• A Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Information Communication Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Business Information Technology or equivalent qualification from a recognized university.
• Served in the grade of Information Communication Technology Officer for a minimum period of three (3) years and demonstrated a high level of professional competence and outstanding management qualities in computerized information systems
• Have at least 2 years relevant professional experience, served in the grade of Information Communication Technology Officer for a minimum period of five (2) years and demonstrated a high level of professional competence and outstanding management qualities in computerized information systems
• Should have management skills, strong leadership, organization, coordination and communication skills.
• Have excellent interaction and presentation skills, a good understanding of key issues and challenges facing social sector in Kenya.
• He/ She should be able to initiate and adopt results-based management.

Key Attributes
The following key attributes will be required for the positions:
1. Must be a visionary, transformative and results-oriented strategic thinker, demonstratively;
2. Ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
3. Excellent organizational, inter-personal and communication skills;
4. Capacity to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines;
5. Be self-driven, a team-player and a mentor/coach; and
6. Ability to cultivate partnership and collaborations;