Program Manager

POSITION TITLE: Program Manager


REPORTING TO: Regional Director


SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Some out of normal working hours work is required – for example meetings and Workshops

You may be required to work from other City
Work sites may vary from time to time, and may be required to change work locations in the future (i.e. within the scope of our operations).

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Conduct community mobilization and sensitization meetings with ward and community-level leaders to introduce Digital Agriculture Africa and follow-up
• Provide technical support on implementation of all agriculture and livestock related activities at the county level.
• Develop, lead, provide inputs for research and learning, monitor and evaluate the agriculture and livestock aspects of the DAA project.
• Lead implementation of relevant action research including coordination with target communities, support research staff with data collection, analysis and interpretation, and translation of findings into program interventions.
• Coordinate and network with County departments responsible for agriculture, livestock, nutrition, trade and other NGOs.
• Lead on all Agriculture and livestock related activities of the project and reports, providing capacity building for the county staff.
• Coordinate with traditional leaders and community leadership to facilitate activity integration and targeting of research participants.
• Take lead role on crop, livestock, poultry and milk market assessments.
• Collaborate with DAA health and nutrition staff to integrate messaging into crop and livestock production training curriculum.
• Design and lead TOT training sessions to Community Mobilizers in collaboration with Government counterparts.
• Liaise with other project teams and staff to ensure that all Digital Agriculture Africa interventions are well-coordinated and prioritized.
• Support organization’s project officer in review of work plans and to complete necessary reports.
• Monitor and evaluate effectiveness and impact of activities and make recommendations for improvements.
• Coordinate with public and private service providers (animal health, crop husbandry, etc) to reach project participants.
• Mobilize county, sub-county and ward level meetings with relevant stakeholders.
• Facilitate planning meetings and workshops with government, NGO, private sector, and community partners to revise plans and promote partner acceptance/buy-in and customize implementation plans
• In collaboration with the M&E staff, ensure there is adherence to the project M&E framework.

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy, crop science, Agro-ecology, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture Education & Extension, Livestock Production, Animal Science or Livestock Husbandry.
Relevant working experience / skills and competencies:
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in implementation of agriculture and livestock development activities.
• Excellent technical knowledge of policy and practice in the field of livelihoods, crop and livestock production as well as other cross cutting issues.
• Excellent understanding of system approach to ending persistent acute malnutrition.
• Experience in community mobilization, proposal and reports writing
• Computer and basic administrative and organizational skills is a plus.
• Professional work experience at county or national levels in project management
• Project management skills, strong mobilization and coordination skills
• Excellent writing skills including the ability to compose, edit, analyze and reports
• Ability to work with minimum supervision, and under pressure sometimes

How to Apply

Please send the following documents to by Friday 22nd January 2021.

  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Additional supporting documents

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