What We Do

FSPN-Africa takes a keen diversion to look into the farmer’s welfare which most often is overlooked. According to FAO report; Eighty percent of the farmland in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is managed by smallholders working on up to 10 hectares. Out of the 2.5 billion people in poor countries living directly from the food and agriculture sector, 1.5 billion people are smallholder farmers.

We are not going to achieve food security or even improved livelihood if the youths and women are not meaningfully engaged. FSPN-Africa in this regard ,works with Youths and Women Groups together with relevant registered Community Based Organizations(CBOs) at the grassroots level to effectively handle household food and nutrition security .  As part of our implementation plan ,we take four major approaches that we strongly believe play a big role towards the achievement of Food and Nutrition Security .

The objectives of Partners Against Hunger have been increasing agricultural growth, through partnership with all relevant stakeholders in the value chain with the youths and women at the fore front in developing and see the successful implementation and transition of food produce from the farm to the fork .

This is also to ensure the farmer gets their rightful due and improved livelihood.  FSPN-Africa  through our experienced and dedicated team goes far and beyond to consequently offer empowerment and nutrition education programs since over the years it has been evidence that Food security does not always translate to Nutrition Security.